Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Health Benefits of Drinking Water in the Morning

1. Drinking water balances the lymphatic system of your body. This prompts the lymph to reach your heart in a continuous motion. The lymph glands also help strengthen the immune system, which ultimately helps your body fight infections.

2. Drinking water first thing in the morning, it purges toxins from the blood, which results in glowing and better-looking skin.

3. Drinking water in the morning increases your metabolism by almost 25%, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

4. Drinking water helps in rehydration, which would help you get rid of headaches and back pain. These are often caused by dehydration.

5. Drinking water early in the morning would make you a regular cycle, as it helps in digestion of food and prevents constipation.

6. Drinking water helps you think better, as your brain is made up of fluid.

7. Drinking water also boosts your energy levels as the nutrients are absorbed better.

Also, when you start the habit of drinking water in the morning, start with not more than 4 glasses of water. Increase the intake eventually as you start to realize the advantages.

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